Friday, September 26, 2008

Mum, Mum?, MUM!!!

I came home from work the other day to find this awesome message on my fridge!  I have the sweetest boys!  Chris helped Mr. Zain put this up for me!  He said that Zain was yelling MUM, MUM, MUM all day.
Last week for the club party I wanted to make a Halloween card so I used the MUMMY card that has been floating around on blog land for a few weeks.  Avril forwarded me Dannie's blog and I followed her directions.  For whatever reason I was not placing my stripes in the right place and there were holes.  So I just took the scraps and made extra bandages.  I like the way it came out!  It was a really easy card and they really liked it!
Tomorrow we are off to Zak's football game in NY...oh yes in the RAIN!!!!  UGH!  I love watching his games but I hate  the drive and I hate cold rain!  I am keeping my fingers crossed it will stop just for the game :)  It is a 2+ hour trip and Zain really hates the car.  Sometimes he falls right asleep but other times he just wants OUT!  We are leaving right when we get up in the morning so I doubt he will sleep!  We have the DVD player all hooked up hoping the TV will entertain him.  He does not really have any interest in the TV...which is a good thing, but honestly sometimes it would be a little easier if he would just sit and watch one 1/2 hour show...not pushing it though because I know there will be one day that I will be complaining that all my son does is watch TV LOL 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  It is going to rain all weekend here :(



Tara Potter said...

Oh my gosh, Kylah, it's hard to decide which is more adorable, the Mummy card or the lovey message on the fridge!
Great card! And what wondeful boys!!

Jenny Gropp said...

How completely clever! Love it!