Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sleepless in Keene

Well Hello!  How was your weekend?  Mine was very productive, we got so much needed housework DONE!!!  Well actually let's think about really is NOT done because housework is NEVER we got it caught up to date LOL!  
As you can see I am sleepless yet again...and this time it is NOT because of my son!  I had Chinese food tonight with family in Claremont and now I am thinking that is was not a very good idea!  UGH I hate having a stomach ache!  I am such  a baby when it comes to that!  I would much rather give birth...I am not even kidding!  (my labor was not too bad as you can tell)  So anyhow while I am up and awake waiting for this to go away I thought I would post Zain's new cup!  I found this straw cup at Target and it is specifically made to decorate.  I think you are suppose to let your child decorate, but I wanted to LOL!  It came with a few blank sheets of white paper that fits right inside the cup so I decided to stamp his name in REAL RED CRAFT INK (so it won't fade) and then put a skull border around the top in the bottom.  Now that it is the Halloween season there are skulls everywhere!  Everytime he sees them he points and has just started saying "ULLS"  Way too cute LOL (I know there are people out there thinking I am nuts but I am not I promise.)  Well Zain is now going to be the ROCKINGEST (is that a word?) KID on the playground!!!!
Ok off to see if I can get any sleep!

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Jen said...

Love this! :) sorry you were sleepless :(

Hope you're feeling better today!!!