Tuesday, April 29, 2008


If you ever need a quick little card this one is PERFECT!!!  Avril designed this card and I just had to steal it from her.  I did this card at last months Stampers Club and everyone commented on how elegant it looks but was so easy to make!  Try it out!


A little over a week ago I went to Spring Fling and listen to the ever so wonderful Tina Rosenkrans speak about running Sampin Up! as a business.  The one thing that she said that really stuck in my head was HAVE GOALS!!!  Not only have goals but write them down.  DUH!!!  why didn't I think of that before?!?  Well she also said to put your goals in a spot that you will see them everyday, so I decided to make this GOALS NOTE PAD.  I really like the way it came out!  You can put it on your desk and look at it all the time :)  SOOOO this one is not even for me LOL my next goal is to make my own!!!  I made this for a very special friend and I really hope she likes it :)


Tonight was DIVA NIGHT and boy did I have fun!  Cindy, my upline, does a FAB job at making us girls feel so special!  Diva Night is a night Cindy has for her first level downline that meets certain goals that she sets...WAHOO I earned it again!  It really is so exciting!!!

We started the evening with a little stampin in her awesome stamp room (go check it out it's on her blog onehappystamper.typepad.com) We made a total of 3 projects....The Groovy Guava card was by far my favorite!!!!  

We then had some YUMMY dinner.  She set her dining room table very beautifully!  It was very formal....the only thing missing was ummmm something to sit on LOL.  I really wish I would have taken a picture of the table!  She really did a great job!  We had great conversations and wonderful food...what more is a girl to ask for...OHHHH DOOR PRIZES and DESSERT!!!  Well okay now I am very happy!!!!  Guess what made it even better?!?  I WON a door prize....that was so cool...I went from never ever ever winning anything to winning at 2 events in 1 week...I really am a lucky girl!  I won the Seaside stamp set from the Spring-Summer Collection catty.  We made the purse card with that stamp set.  It is very cute.  SHHH don't tell anyone but I did mess mine up a little I stamped some of the shells in the wrong color....oh well  What else did we do?  Oh went garbage picking ;)  HEHE HAHA

Cindy also gave us all candy bars with a little DIVA tag printed on it....Again I have to say THANK YOU CINDY for making me feel like a true STAMPIN DIVA!!!!

Bloomin Beautiful!!! AGAIN

Yup I said it before and I will say it again I LOVE THIS SET!!!!  I got this idea 100% from Andrea Walford at http://andreawalford.com  It is an awesome stationary set with 4 cards!  It was so fun to make and looks beautiful!!!!  

If you would like to make this project I am holding a class on Friday May 23rd at 6pm.  Cost is 25.00.  Please email me if you are interested and I will send you more info :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Avril's Birthday Card

I made this card  a couple of weeks ago for my dear friend Avril.  As I said before I got her the cuddlebug for her birthday and wanted to make a card using it.  The background is done with an embossing folder and the oval is one of my new nestabilities Oh boy do I love those things!!!!  They come in so many different sizes and shapes...squares, circles, rectangles, ovals, and I think hearts too!  I used the olive ribbon from the new mini...which is quite soft and of course I HAD to use Bloomin Beautiful!  '

Off to make her another little something...just to say thanks for being a great friend and letting Zain and I hang out at her house a lot....Chris works nights so it sometimes gets very lonely at home....she always takes us in ;)

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Hello Friends :)  
As you can see from my title this update is for my wonderful upline Cindy ;)  She put on a wonderful event, SPRING FLING, for all SU demos today and while we were at lunch she asked me when I was going to update my blog...UGH I am so bad at this!  I really LOVE blogging I just need to find more time for it!  BUT because she did such a FAB job I just had to make her smile by updating my blog in her honor :)

As I mentioned I was at Spring Fling all day today...oh I had such a wonderful time!!!  I learned so much...Cindy I think we should have this every month hehehaha

Avril was the grand prize princess and here she is in her crown...she is so flipping cute....Cindy is right behind her :)

I made 4 make n takes today but one of them was 5 cards and a box...HOLY SMOKE that is so awesome...I have not finished that one yet so I don't have a picture of it...but I do have a picture of a couple of the others....

For this card we used 2 Carousel Notes with LIVE YOUR DREAM stamp set from the Occasions Mini.  We used the ribbon slide also from the mini....OH did I tell you I WON this at SPRING FLING....see don't you wish you were a demo?!?  Oh how did we color in the ribbon slide...I thought you would never ask....we  used crystal effect and re-inkers....how awesome is that?1? LOVE IT!!!  we also used the pick a petal classy brass template (thanks now I have to buy this) and Afternoon Tea designer paper (this is my favorite!!!)
For this project we again used the Live Your Dream stamp set...all we did was get 2 pieces of cardstock...fold them in half and made a book.  We bound it with chop sticks and ribbon....these girls are so talented!!!  I am a very lucky girl to be part of such a wonderful group!!!

When I got home I took the boyZ for a walk in the wagon...They were very excited!!  I am in love with this nice weather!!!!  I am soaking it up while it is here!

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Water Coloring!

I have, AGAIN, been having problems uploading my cards.  I guess it all depends on the time of day?  Well I got this wonderful set, BLOOMIN' BEAUTIFUL, and let me tell you it is very beautiful!!!!  I have never really played with water coloring but this is the perfect set to start with!!!  Both cards I used water color paper with aqua painters.  I love the results!!!!  If you have any questions on any of the cards please just send me a message!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  Zain is with my mom so Chris and I have been spending the day together, having a wonderful time!  We went to my dear friend Avril's birthday party this afternoon and spent a couple of hours with great company!  I got her the cuddlebug and I was soooo excited to give it to her and she was just as excited to receive it!  Tonight there is a boxing match on and Chris is having a couple of friends over.  I am going to work on a stationary set :)

See you soon!


Friday, April 4, 2008

What kind of class???

Hello everyone!
Here is a card that I did for the Tart and Tangy class I am planning.....but now I don't know if I want to have this class or a recipe box class.....oh man I don't know....maybe we should just do both ;)
I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!  I don't know how much stamping I am going to get done this weekend.  Zak is here and we have a bunch of errands to run tomorrow and then the boyZ are going out for awhile and I am having a Mary Kay party.  I am very excited....I am hoping I like the make up  (is this what people feel like when they are hosting their very first workshop?  I hope so!!)

Sunday will have to be laundry day UGH!!!!!!  Someone come help me!

Have a great one!!!!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I did a bow????

I did a bow?!?  What I cant tie bows!!!  Well last night I saw this card on SCS and I really wanted to make it!  I sat down and in no time I did a bow all by myself just like a big girl!  So I stamped the tart and tangy stamp (is it an orange or a lime?) in both the pumpkin pie and old olive....Which one do you like?

Tart and Tangy

Okay so as I mentioned before I am working on a Tart and Tangy class...This will be sometime next month.  So far here are some samples I have been playing with.  Now I am not sure which cards I am going to pick so if you have a favorite please let me know!!!!  I have CASED most of these cards from SCS or SS (stampers showcase for SU demos) but I did try to change them a little.

This first card came from SS today.  I remembered having a conversation with my friend KFS, redvelvetsneakers.blogspot.com , at the store about putting 5 circle punches behind a scollop circle punch and BOOM instant flower.  That is a great trick she discovered!  She has a great mini tutorial on her blog.  Well here is my version...which one do you like better?

I was going to post all of the cards tonight but I am getting sleepy and this won't let me do what I want it to do tonight :(  So I hope you enjoyed those 2 cards...they are pretty much the same which one do you like better?