Monday, March 31, 2008

File Holder Class

Come make this wonderful file folder holder!!!!  It is great for your stamp room....I am putting all of my print outs in mine.  To all of you that check my blog (LOL) you are getting a first look at this class!  I am only accepting 4 people at one class so sign up ASAP!  If more then 4 people seem interested then I will hold this class again very soon!

Class Details
Cost: 25.00
You get your choice of SU designer paper, a banker file box, and file folders
For $30.00 you will also get a roll of sticky strip (you will be using a lot! take advantage of this GREAT deal!)
Payment due no later them April 14th.  Payment reserves your spot so don't wait.
When: Wednesday April 23rd 6pm
Where: My house :)
You need to bring straight scissors, your personal paper trimmer, and sticky strip (unless you take advantage of the $30.00 deal.
Sign up today!!!!  Remember limit is 4 people and you reserve your spot with payment.

Please email me to let me know you have sent your payment to make sure there is enough room.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Who Loves Ribbon??

This picture was taken on Zain's birthday.  I was in the kitchen getting his juice, which takes me all of 45 seconds, and to my surprise Mr. Zain had gotten himself wrapped up in my ribbon.  I had to take a picture its just the cutest thing...well it was cute the first time...I now have all of my ribbon hanging on the wall!

I have been a busy girl the last few weeks! Mr.Zain was a sick sick boy this past week.  He threw up for 2 days and was just not himself for the rest of the week :(  Poor Man!  Then I got it and Chris got it.  I also have been busy making some projects but for whatever reason everytime I try to post a picture to my blog it was not allowing me to so I am keeping my fingers crossed it will work from now on!

Yesterday I spent the day with a group of friends scrapbooking all day.  A friend of mine is expecting her first baby in a few weeks, Baby Ella, and I wanted to make her an 8x8 scrapbook for her shower.  Here are some pictures of what I did :)

I am really happy with the way it came out!!!  I also made her a very cute card to match the cherry dress that Zakary picked out for her.  You can find the directions on the ever so talented Lauren Meader's blog  I used the new Tart and Tangy set from the Occasions Mini...I LOVE that book!!!  I keep ordering from it.  If you like the Tart and Tangy set stay tuned for a great class!!!!  Here is the baby shower card...cute huh? I really want to make some more of these and I also saw another CUTE version I will try!

Well that's all I am posting for this morning.  Hopefully time will allow me to finish up my Tart and Tangy class today...My family is coming today to drop my little man off and then we will be going out to dinner for my Mother's birthday.  She is the hardest person to shop for so off to TJ Maxx I go.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!!!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who needs Longaberger?

Hello my friends!  I have been so busy with stamp camp and then getting back on track that I forgot all about blogging.  Shame on me!!!!  Well now it is time to get serious and tell you what I have been up to....Let me just start by saying I love baskets!  I think I get this from my mom.  She use to have tons of baskets hanging from the beams in our kitchen....they looked so nice!  Well I was addicted to Longaberger baskets for awhile (I had to stop they are just way too expensive!!) Well anyway I was on my daily blog surf when I went to my good friend Kirsten's blog, and found this AWESOME basket that she made out of PAPER!!!!!  Soooo I HAD to make this!!!!  Now remember I was suppose to be preparing for stamp camp but all of that went on hold so I could figure out this basket!  Kirsten was nice enough to allow Zain and I come over for a quick lesson!  I just would like to say Kirsten thank you again!  I went home and finished up my basket (it seems I was on the right track then entire time wahoo for me!)  Here is my new favorite thing to do.....

If anyone wants to know how to make this basket please see the instructions on this very cool blog

Check out my blog in a couple of days and I will show you what I did the night of stamp camp....instead of coming home and going to bed I stayed up and made something very cool!