Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day Pixie Sticks

                                                                                                                                                  Hi Everyone 
 I have been meaning to post this little treat bucket I made for my BBQ on Monday.  All I did was find a flag stamp and a star, I punched them out using the square punch and glued them to the pixie stick with a glue dot.  So Easy!!!!  I them just made a belly band with some American flag paper I had left over from a gift I made for a friend.  
I have a bunch of projects that I have been working on over the past few days.  Can you say CUTE CUTE CUTE.  Ahh I am so excited!   OHHHHH and I used my Mother's Day present tonight....YUP I used my bind it all!!!!  

Okay I am so sleepy right now.  I have to go get some sleep...Going to get Zak tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Girl, Eleanor

Some of you have asked me to put a picture of Eleanor on my blog so here she is.  We were sitting in the garden today when I took this picture.  She loved that we were able to look at the pictures right we took about 15 because she was having so much fun.

Tonight I worked on a very cool project, but I made it for a friend who reads my blog so I am going to have to wait to post it...I can give you a hint it was made with chipboard!

Have a great day!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful long BEAUTIFUL weekend!!   We spent today with some great friends that I will always cherish!   JoJo and Mr. Zain (oh Mr Zain as JoJo was saying) had a great time on the "jumpoline"  Look how cute they are together in their Memorial Day shirts!  I hope everyone was able to take time and remember all of the men and woman that have lost their lives for us!

Ok now for what you really came here for!  The card and box are a version of Andrea Walford's new class she put out for demo's.  What you see there is only the tip of the ice burg!  You walk away from this class making the box and 12 cards!!!!  Please let me know if you are interested!  I took an idea from Cindy and mutated my rhinestone brads.  It was very easy, and YES Cindy yo are so right what a pain working with 1/3 of a mini glue dot....  Well off to the couch I go.  Have a wonderful week!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Avril's Challenge Card!!!

This card ROCKS!!!! Avril made this card for the SBD Challenge! Didn't she do an awesome job?!? We need to figure out the picture situation with her computer so she can have a BLOG!!!!

I was working on a great box tonight that holds 12 cards and envelopes. How cool is that?!? I just have to use my cricut to make the letters because I don't have the right size stamps :( Guess that means I should order some LOL

I will post the box when it is done...I don't think it will be tonight though because I was up very late last night watching Grey's LOVE that show!!!

Good Night!


SBD Challenge!!!!

My upline posted a stamping challenge yesterday on the demo only blog.  I have never done a challenge before so I am happy she started out with an easy one.  Last night before bed I kept looking at this card wishing I could think of something else to do with it...but when I woke up this morning I decided I liked it just the way it is.....Someone really has to take this set away from me!!!!

The other night I saw this cute cute cute card on another blog.  Patty I think her name is...Oh she takes wonderful pictures of her garden!!!  Any who back to the card...I thought it was the perfect birthday card for my friend Kelly...These things are just so cute I may have to go make a couple of more....They would also be perfect for kids.  To get the bite mark I used the scallop punch....OKay off to work I go.....

Have a wonderful day and an AWESOME weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is anyone sick of this set?

I know I am NOT!!!!  I love this set!!  I really hope it makes it into the new catty!!  I was surfing blogs late last night when I saw this card....I apologize that I don't have the blog it came from but I think her name was Rebecca.  She used a different stamp set then I did...I just loved the colors plus I had the card stock already on my table so I just had to make it.  I made 2 of for my good friend Colline and I am not sure who I am giving this one to?

Soooo I attempted to do that really cool brayer thing that everyone is doing and I vowed that no matter how horrible it was I was still going to post it...Guess what there is no way I am posting what I did tonight.  It was NASTY!!!!  I have a lot of work ahead of me.....but thats what I said about water coloring and I feel comfortable showing that work now ;)  See there is some hope for me yet LOL

Have a great night/morning!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I m here and others days...well who knows where I am....Actually I have been fighting this cold or allergy thing and I am not liking it!!!  I have been on the couch for a few days not wanting to move.  Today was the first day I felt a little better and thank goodness because I had friends come over for a little Bloomin Beautiful class!  

We had a great time chatting about blogs and different projects.  It is fun to get together with fellow demos and pick each others brains :)  
Above is Janis trying VERY hard to get Cindy to watercolor for her....Janis I think you did a wonderful job all on your own.  I loved to be able to watch Cindy in action while she was water coloring.  It was awesome!  I got some great tips.  Cindy I HAVE to stamp with you more often!  It was so much FUN!!!  I am sorry Ann had to miss it!
In this picture we were trying out my new SONY camera.  It has this ability to take a picture when it detects a smile.  Avril was not smiling so we could see if it worked but Dorene smiled and click the picture was cool!!!!

After everyone left and I cleaned up I decided to go check out some of the blogs we were talking about and I saw a tutorial on Michelle Zindorf's blog with sponging so I made this QUICK card.  I think it turned out pretty good for only taking me 5 minutes.  I did stamp the saying crooked but thats what happens with a late night stamper....I am pretty sleepy and still really want to watch Thursday nights Grey's....I may have to wait :)

Hopefully I will be back soon ;)

Have a wonderful night/morning


Friday, May 16, 2008

Love These!!

These little pouches are just the cutest, aren't they? I have seen them on SCS and  tons of blogs!  Lynn Larson has a great tutorial over on her blog...go check it out
So all I used was some Afternoon tea designer paper....Have I told all of you how sad I am going to be when this is gone...I better go order 10 packs right now!  I also used the Carousel Notes from the mini.  These are ONLY $11.95 and you get 12 scalloped cards WITH Chocolate Chip envelopes!!  WOW what a deal.  You will get 4 of each color...Groovy Guava, Soft Sky, and Wild Wasabi.  (I am going to be so sad when these colors are gone too!)
Look at that cute card holding hand in the background ;)  I wonder who that could be...LOL

Have a great day!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I have been LOVING this wonderful weather!!  How about all of you?  The only problem with beautiful weather is I get very tired from all the walking and being in the sun, so I have no energy to stamp...I have been working on this carousal for a couple of days now and I just finished it last night.  I got the idea from Spring Fling and I knew I had to make one!  I just went to Walmart and bought a Rubbermaid carousal and some canning jars.  I  took out my wonderful rub ons and just rubbed away :)  

I actually did all the jars at the nursing home while Eleanor was taking a little nap.  I then used ribbon to go on the outside of the jar covers.  I took the metal piece from the cover off so I can easily access my stuff :)
Did you know you can use rub ons on ribbon too?  It is so simple, it takes very little effort at all!!!  So I used the larger grosgrain ribbon for the outside of the carousal.  I think it is a very nice touch!!!I really had fun making this now I just have to think of other ideas for the jars...oddly enough not everyone stamps but this is so cute and would make such a great gift!  Let me know what you have for ideas...(on what can go in the jars)

So then today I did Eleanor's nails and while we were waiting for them to dry I took out my rub ons and decided to do some nail art...I think it looks very FUN!!!  I actually got 2 compliments from it :)  I tried to put some on Eleanor but she wanted no part of it LOL
***For those of you that don't know Eleanor is the 98 year old lady that I spend my days with.)***
I can not believe I am putting my ugly feet on my blog LOL  Oh well it is for a cute cause!

Okay I am so sleepy it is 1:30AM time for bed!!!!!

See some of you girls Thursday night :)