Friday, May 23, 2008

SBD Challenge!!!!

My upline posted a stamping challenge yesterday on the demo only blog.  I have never done a challenge before so I am happy she started out with an easy one.  Last night before bed I kept looking at this card wishing I could think of something else to do with it...but when I woke up this morning I decided I liked it just the way it is.....Someone really has to take this set away from me!!!!

The other night I saw this cute cute cute card on another blog.  Patty I think her name is...Oh she takes wonderful pictures of her garden!!!  Any who back to the card...I thought it was the perfect birthday card for my friend Kelly...These things are just so cute I may have to go make a couple of more....They would also be perfect for kids.  To get the bite mark I used the scallop punch....OKay off to work I go.....

Have a wonderful day and an AWESOME weekend!!!

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Kirsten said...

This is so stinkin' cute! I did it in orange for a tag swap and my stamper ladies went wild!