Thursday, May 15, 2008


I have been LOVING this wonderful weather!!  How about all of you?  The only problem with beautiful weather is I get very tired from all the walking and being in the sun, so I have no energy to stamp...I have been working on this carousal for a couple of days now and I just finished it last night.  I got the idea from Spring Fling and I knew I had to make one!  I just went to Walmart and bought a Rubbermaid carousal and some canning jars.  I  took out my wonderful rub ons and just rubbed away :)  

I actually did all the jars at the nursing home while Eleanor was taking a little nap.  I then used ribbon to go on the outside of the jar covers.  I took the metal piece from the cover off so I can easily access my stuff :)
Did you know you can use rub ons on ribbon too?  It is so simple, it takes very little effort at all!!!  So I used the larger grosgrain ribbon for the outside of the carousal.  I think it is a very nice touch!!!I really had fun making this now I just have to think of other ideas for the jars...oddly enough not everyone stamps but this is so cute and would make such a great gift!  Let me know what you have for ideas...(on what can go in the jars)

So then today I did Eleanor's nails and while we were waiting for them to dry I took out my rub ons and decided to do some nail art...I think it looks very FUN!!!  I actually got 2 compliments from it :)  I tried to put some on Eleanor but she wanted no part of it LOL
***For those of you that don't know Eleanor is the 98 year old lady that I spend my days with.)***
I can not believe I am putting my ugly feet on my blog LOL  Oh well it is for a cute cause!

Okay I am so sleepy it is 1:30AM time for bed!!!!!

See some of you girls Thursday night :)


onehappystamper said...

Your carousel came out SO cute, Kylah! ....and I LOVE the toes!!! :)

Kirsten said...

I love your toes!

Kylah said...

Thanks girls!!!!