Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is anyone sick of this set?

I know I am NOT!!!!  I love this set!!  I really hope it makes it into the new catty!!  I was surfing blogs late last night when I saw this card....I apologize that I don't have the blog it came from but I think her name was Rebecca.  She used a different stamp set then I did...I just loved the colors plus I had the card stock already on my table so I just had to make it.  I made 2 of for my good friend Colline and I am not sure who I am giving this one to?

Soooo I attempted to do that really cool brayer thing that everyone is doing and I vowed that no matter how horrible it was I was still going to post it...Guess what there is no way I am posting what I did tonight.  It was NASTY!!!!  I have a lot of work ahead of me.....but thats what I said about water coloring and I feel comfortable showing that work now ;)  See there is some hope for me yet LOL

Have a great night/morning!

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