Monday, September 1, 2008


Happy Labor Day!!!! I FINALLY have some new pictures to share with you!!! I had my Club girls over last week and guess what we stamped in MY STAMP room!!! I was very excited! I have been trying to make that room work for some time and I think I have it now!!! YAHOO!!! OK on to the projects! The top card I used the set Inspired by Nature, a new set in the catalog...I just love it and you will see this in the next couple of days. It was a very simple card but everyone just LOVED it!!!! They even want me to do another card with this set next month!!!
The next 3 cards are cards from 3 of the girls in my club!!! We have decided to do a little swap each month! HOW FUN!!! I love to see what they come up with! The flower pot card is made by Heather Thomas, The Butterfly card was made by JoAnn May, and the birdie card was made by Chelly Downing. They ALL did such an awesome job and it made the other girls want to participate next month so I will have even more cards to share!
I hope you are all having a great day and thanks to all the comments about my Mr. Zain. I really thought it would just keep getting better each day....BUT that has not been the case. We have good moments, bad moments, and REALLY bad moments! My concern now is the amount of advil he has been getting. I have been giving it to him everyday for 4 always hear don't give them it for too long....but without it he really is in PAIN!!!!! I will have a nice picture to share with you tomorrow of his YELLOW bruise that appeared on Saturday! In closing enjoy this picture of the four of us at the New England Revolution Soccer game held at Gillette Stadium the past weekend....this was the end of the dame so we had some tired boyZ but I just love their new shirts!!!!


Heather McNally said...

LOVE the cards!!! What a great idea to do a swap at your club! I might just have to do the same. Sorry about Zain - ouch! Hugs!

Avril Miller said...

I am sooooooooooooo impressed with these swaps that your stamper's club girls did! My mouth is dropped to the floor! Yup, I am VERY impressed!!!

Oh, and by the way - you've officially been awarded the "I heart your blog" award from me!