Thursday, August 28, 2008


I know my title does not match my pictures...just read on to get to the OUCH part.... I promise I will have some new projects up by tomorrow!  I am just waiting for my camera to charge.  Here are the boyZ  on our trip to Florida.  We had a great day at the ocean!  I LOVE the ocean so much...The water was sooo warm!!!!!

Ok so do you want to hear about our exciting day yesterday?  OK here I go....Yesterday morning Zain woke up a little bit earlier then usual.  Chris brought him down to the living room to play and I woke shortly after that.  I was in my stamp room rearranging it for a workshop and Chris was paying a bill on the computer....all of a sudden we heard CRASH WWAAAAHHHH!!!!!  Oh no!!!  We both went running right to him.  Well he was under a card table that I had folded up leaning against the wall.  The card table  had a big wood slab on it so it was a very heavy piece!!!   Poor Mr Zain was in a lot of pain and we could clearly see that (oh and hear it)  We made the decision to bring him up to the ER after the clinic telling us that they couldn't see him for a few hours.  Well he was a very brave boy when it came time for his x-ray...he even got a sticker that he was very excited for!  It turns out that the poor little on has a fracture in his shoulder :(  He went again for another x-ray today and again it shows the same thing.  There is nothing that they can do except put him in a sling BUT he is a ONE AND HALF year old boy that WILL NOT stay in a sling.  We just have to watch him very closely and help him out till it heals.  At this point when he is laying on his belly he can't even push himself up.  He is very active and he is not liking that he only has full use of 1 arm...he gets very frustrated!  Zak is doing an awesome job at keeping Zain busy on the couch, bringing him new toys and cuddling with him when he is in pain.  I could not have asked for a better big brother!

Well till later have a wonderful day!


Dan, Tiffany, and Petros said...

Ouch! is right...poor thing! Hope he heals quickly!

Jen said...

I hope he gets better soon!!!

And ... to answer the comment you left on my blog... YES, I should be in bed :) headed there now!

Talk to you soon :)


Heather McNally said...

OUCH is right - poor little bugger! I hope it heals up quickly! He's super cute, by the way!

Stephanie Rodgers said...

Hi Kylah! It's me ... Stephanie from the Vermont retreats! I see you've been busy since our last retreat ... your children are beautiful! My two are almost off to college already. Where does the time go? Enjoy every precious moment with them! Take Care, Stephanie Rodgers from NJ