Thursday, August 21, 2008

A BIG thank you to

ALL MY CUSTOMERS!!!  Without you I would not be able to continue on my adventure as a SU demonstrator .  To show them just how much I cared I hosted a customer appreciation with 3 fellow demos to night.  We had  a great time, but I am very tired!  I didn't even unpack the car.  Saving that for the morning!  I am going to go PLOP on the couch...I don't even remember when the last time I sat down was!  Enough complaining!  Here is one of the fabulous projects that they were able to make tonight.  We used PUN FUN (I LOVE THAT SET!) and made a note card holder with 4 note cards.  Everyone loved it!  Ok enough out of me....Time to go PLOP!!!  TTFN!


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Heather McNally said...

Hi Kylah! I LOVE this! What a sweet set! You are good, girl!!!! :)