Monday, September 8, 2008


Hi everyone!  I am here for a quick post before I go to bed!  I just fell asleep on the couch but because of that NOTHING on my to do list got completed.  While I was in Florida my dear friend Avril decided to host a FAVORITE NEW STAMP SET SWAP....I thought I was too late to sign up when I finally got the email BUT there was my name in the 2nd spot with JUST JAWING.  Does she know me or what?!?  I was so psyched when I saw this stamp set in the new catty!  As soon as I saw it all I thought was glitter in the heart eyes!!!!  This skull reminds me of the skull blanket that my dear friend Michelle made for Zain before he was born.  I will HAVE to take a picture of it tomorrow so you can all see it.  Ok so here is my swap card.  I made this card for my swap with my club girls last month as well.  Tonight I was suppose to be working on other swap cards for SCS BUT didn't get to it....hopefully tomorrow afternoon!!!!  Have a great night! I am going to bed!

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