Saturday, October 18, 2008


Man oh Man I am cold!  This is going to be a QUICK post my fingers are frozen stiff!  The first 2 projects are from my Halloween Class a few weeks ago.  I did this little treat bag that Avril found online.  For the life of me I can't find the site....I also made this little center piece for each of the tables.  I just filled the vase with candy corn (YUCK) and stuck some lollipops in!  Chelly came over and helped me punch and stick these cute figures to dress up the pops....then she went home and made 40 more for a bday party LOL.

My next 2 pictures are the girls making their projects.....Jo can you see?  Look how busy they are!!!!

The final picture is  from Alyson's Orchard.  Chris was behind me and the BoyZ.  He snapped a few pictures like this and I LOVE them!  The scenery ROCKS!!!

OK I have swap cards from the girls!  I will take pictures and post them ASAP!  Hopefully I will take the pictures tomorrow :)  But no promises my little fingers may be frozen still....oh real quick why are my fingers so cold?  Well I do live in NH and it IS Oct 18th.  That means it is starting to get cold out and I SHOULD be turning my heat on BUT while I was still living at home with my parents my dad would NEVER turn the heat on till NOV 1st!  I would complain complain complain!  He would tell me to put a sweatshirt on and use a blanket...I thought he was nuts...TILL I had to start paying for my own oil!  So now in my house the heat does not go on till NOV 1st...BUT I do have a couple of electric heaters so it is not as bad.  So now you know we are all a little weird...hey just trying to save a few bucks so I can get more stamps....PLanning on coming over for a visit?  Bring a sweatshirt LOL!!!!!!

Off to sit with a blanket and a cup of tea!


Avril Miller said...

I ADORE the picture!!!! Frame it girl!

Leslie said...

Hey Kylah, We try to hold off on the heat as long as possible but this weekend was really quite chilly so we tried to turn on the furnace...nope, no heat. Good thing I have a friend in the heating and plumbing business!! Came home today and the house is a balmy 64 degrees! Great picture and awesome treats!

Tara said...

hey, your blog banner is cute...I like it! :)