Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I've been tagged!

tag.jpg   Wow!  I've been tagged by my fellow stamping friend Leslie!  Leslie and I share something very big in common!  We are both HUGE NE Pats fans!!!  Okay so here we go...7 weird and or random facts about me

1. I LOVE sales!! I am such a bargain shopper....when I find a good deal I try to buy as much of it as I can!

2.  I love watching the kids sleep...I could stand at the edge of their room for hours watching them.  They look so peaceful and i feel so good that they had a great day and they are getting ready for another one!

3.  I really don't like to go barefoot...I have flip flops every where in my house just for that reason!

4.  I am a picker!  If I think it can come off I pick it...and it doe not even have to be on my body...I pick at sticks, chipping pain...anything.

5.  I LOVE eating out...I hate cooking for myself!  I cook for work and the last thing I want to do is cook again....but I do for the kids

6.  My favorite number is 13.  I know I know this is most people's unlucky number but not mine!  This was my number in soccer for 10 years...I always told people that it was everyone's unlucky number then is HAD to be very lucky for me!  Zain was born on the 13th of February and Zak' birthday is June 13th!  Oh and a few months after Chris and I got together we found out that we both loved the number 13 ;)

7.  I am doing this when I am normally sleeping....I love to sleep in!!!!  Most days I don't get out of bed till 8AM.  I love that Zain sleeps in too!...I just can't sleep this morning and I am going to be paying for it later!

Okay here are 7 blogs that are awesome!  I am not going to tag them because it looks as though they have all been tagged by this one!

My good friend AVRIL has a great blog go check it out

Well Cindy of corse!!!  I send you there all the time!

Lynn's blog is so great!  I love getting a chance to chat with her at our events!

Kirsten is a hoot I just love her!  she is ever so talented!  She is also an awesome sport in dealing with me... ;)

Oh how I love MAKE A CARD MONDAY!!!!!

Tina is GREAT...what more can I say?

I always love reading Karen's blog and looking at the great creations!

Okay that's it!  I hope you all take a little time to enjoy these blogs as much as I do!


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