Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Friends, Dew Drops, Marshmallows what more can a girl ask for?

Good Morning!  Well I have been beat at night the past few days!  We have been playing hard every chance we get and I really enjoy being with the boyZ at night!  I did this fresh cut card with my stamping group last Thursday!  Look at them they are so awesome!  I used DEW DROPS and they ROCK!!!!  

Last night we had a little fire so Zak could toast some marshmallows...he has always said he HATEs them and Chris does not like them either so I always have to eat them all!  Well I got the makings for s'mores and was quite excited about that!  Zak then questioned what a marshmallow really tasted like so we had him try it...His first reaction was they taste a little "FUNKY" LOL.  Well a little while later he wanted a s'more all to himself....What a great time we had...NICE R&R

                                                                                                                                                             I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day!  First day of July...Before I know it my birthday will be here!  I really like my birthday just not the whole getting older thing....

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