Sunday, July 27, 2008


Hello Friends!!!!
In honor of the baseball weekend I decided to post these 2 birthday card baseball caps that I made for some of my friends.  She's a Boston fan, He's a Yankee fan, and they are happily married!  How can that be :)  Hopefully tomorrow's game goes Boston's way!

Despite the horrible score of today's game we still had a WONDERFUL day!  I got a lot of picking up done in my pantry which I have been wanting to do for some time.  After some yard work was done we jumped in the car and went to Troy, NH for some blueberry picking.  There were SOOOO MANY blueberries!  I think Zain ate 3 pounds and Zak ate just 3 berries LOL  We met my sisters and brother there and we all had a great time.  Just like with strawberry picking this was the first time Chris ever picked blueberries....he said we are going back HAHA...oh and the berries taste suppppppeeeerrrrrr YUMMERS!!!!  I grabbed my camera to take some pics of the boyZ and as I turned it on the darn camera beeped at me saying NO MEMORY CARD...oh I was very mad!  I had forgotten to grab it out of the printer UUUGGGHHH...oh well there is always next week when we go again!

Okay it is 12:30 am and I am wired because I want to start my swaps so I just drank a huge coffee OH BOY here I go.......

Have a great day!!!!

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Avril Miller said...

Yup....those "two happily married" recipients are going to LOVE the baseball hat cards!

Let's try and go picking this week together!