Monday, November 3, 2008

What a Weekend!


Did you all enjoy your Halloween night?  I sure did!  Zain was so good and he knew just what to do by the 2nd house!  He opened his dr bag right up and waited for the candy to drop in.  If we stayed at one house too long then he would open it again LOL!  I decided to dress up as a nurse and Zain was a DR! We really had a fun time running to each house together!

Last week I went to Walmart and I saw some nice notebooks for very cheap.  I bought a few of them and decided I wanted to make a book where I keep all of my card sketches.  I also thought it would be a nice present for my good friend Avril.  So this is the one I made for her!  It was sooo EASY all I did was covered it with DSP and used the Spiral punch so it would have a nice looks as though this is the way it was made!  I used some chipboard for the S and I covered it with DSP.  I am really pleased with the way came out....Now I just have to finish mine LOL!
Have a wonderful day!

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