Monday, November 17, 2008

Roomie Gifts!

Hello!  Whew it feels like it has been FOREVER that I have blogged....I only missed  a few days last week but it really feels like longer.  I had a really wonderful weekend!  I went to Fall Fest in Holliston MA with a wonderful group of friends!  I travelled with Avril, Meg, and Jen.  We all had such a fun time together.  We met Ann and Cindy there as well!  The four of us girls decided to make it an overnight and I wanted to surprise each of them with a gift in our hotel room soooooo I made these swap totes that I saw a very long time ago from Julie Edmonds.  I am so happy with the way they came oiut.  It took me a while to do four of them but it was so very much worth it!  THEY LOVED THEM!!!  I love being able to make people smile!!!!  

I cut all my card stock and DSP, then laminated it.  I proceeded to punch all the holes (by hand, long story) so I could cross stitch the sides to the bottom with floss.  I really think I want to make a couple more!

I hope you all try to make someone smile today!

See you tomorrow!



Kirsten said...

Oh I wish I had been your roomie! These are beautiful. Can you share the directions and what is on the bottom corners? they are fabulous!

Heather McNally said...

ADORABLE! I love this! DANG - I have been so incredibly busy, I completely forgot about Fall Fest. Hope to catch you at some other event though!

Avril Miller said...

YUP! I've got mine right next to me....loving it!!! And I am still SMILING everytime I look at it!!!!