Monday, June 16, 2008

No Stamping?

Hello!  For those who want to know Zak's Birthday party was great and he told us that he had a great time...Oh and he loved all his presents LOL  I will upload some pictures in the next couple of days. 

I just want to let people know that I probably won't be blogging much on Sat, Sun and Mon nights because that is when Chris is home and I want to try and spend as much time with him as I can because we don't see each other at all the other days of the week.  But here it is Monday and I am blogging.  He actually went to bed early because he has not been feeling well.  

OK...I made this card a few weeks ago because                                                                                         my upline Cindy featured me on her dowline blog.   So if you are part of SBD go check it out!  I feel very honored to be a feature...Oh and let me tell you I was the first one.  I was shaking as I made some extra projects...I had no idea what would be good enough.  This card is called a Two-Way Open card.  It was so fun and easy to make!  Oh and look NO stamping.  I used rub-ons.  Man those things are additive!!!!  Guess what paper I used...Afternoon tea...MY FLIPPIN favorite!!!!!  

Tomorrow night I am going to a demo only class at Cindy's house.  WAHOO!!!  This is my first one and I am so excited!  Oh you bet I will be back tomorrow night showing off whatever beautiful creations her and Ann Walker came up with!!!!!
Till then Good Night

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