Thursday, July 23, 2009



I had such a beautiful image of this card in my head and "THIS" is what came out. So not what I wasthinking about. I made this for my grandmother's birthday.

I used a sketch from SCS and used Gina K stamps. I then added black chunky glitter to the center of the flowers. BIG MISTAKE!!!! I was so upset after doing this and Zakary was working on a project next to me....he said Kylah I really like the glitter and I think Mum will you made it that will make her love it. That really touched me....I have been trying to make him understand how important handmade gifts are and how they are made with so much LOVE....I think he is getting it!!!!!!

Well I am off to watch a little TV before heading to bed! I hope you all have so much fun doing what you LOVE!


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Donna Marie said...

How Cute!
I have been looking at that stamp I realy need it LOL
Keep on Rockin!