Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chillin Birthday

What a wonderful Saturday!!!! It started off a little rainy, but Chris and I had high hopes so we pack up the kids and drove to the beach over in Sunapee, NH. We are so happy we did because the day was BEAUTIFUL!!! They had so much fun playing in the sand and swimming in the COLD water!!!!! I even got in!!! We picked Sunapee because I use to go there when I was much younger and we really like bringing the kids to places we use to go when we were their age ;o)

We left the beach and came home to get ready for a good friend Corey's birthday dinner at a local restaurant. You know me that meant I had not made the card yet....I grabbed berrafella stamp from Bella and a few Copics and this is what I came up with. So sorry about the phot...I took it in the car (on the way to dinner) on my skirt haha!!!! We had a yummy dinner and an enjoyable time visiting with our friends!

Well I am off to sit with Chris...I think he needs a little aloe on his back...not enough sunscreen today....

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend I know we will!!!!!! Thank you so much for stopping by I love seeing all the new people that have been commenting it means so much!!!! Always brightens my day!


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