Friday, May 22, 2009

Harley Babe for Birthday Boy

HI Stampin Friends!!!

First I would like to say...YES i know this is a plain card...not much going on :(  My excuse.....I made it DURING my club party for my good friends husband. His birthday is TODAY.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL!!!!  I wanted to make him a card, but didn't have much time.  He LOVES LOVES LOVES his Harley so I decided to pair up this great paper with the bathing suit Bella!  He really got a kick out of the card.  On the inside I wrote "from one hottie to another"  LOL :)

There are so many things I see I "should have" done to this card....aka would have done if I had more time....I would have embossed the top of the orange with my cuttlebug (soon I will be saying BIG SHOT it was ordered today YIPPIE) added some rhinstones somewhere....I could go on and on.....

Okay so I am trying to decide if I should watch The Secret Life of Bee's tonight or wait till Sunday when Chris is at his concert....hmmm I could go make a fun purse....Well I am off to decide :)

I hope you all have a fun safe holiday weekend!

Stamping Love!

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