Sunday, March 8, 2009

BZZZ Bee's Cute and Scary!

Hi Stamping Friends!

How are all of you doing???  I am great!  I have been very busy with work and life the past few weeks, I have barely had any time to stamp :(  and less time to blog {double} :(

I made this for a small swap that I was in.  I was 100% inspired but all of the wonderful talented ladies over at SCS!  I CASED most of this card, and now can not find the designer anywhere.  I know I wrote it down somewhere???  If this looks like your card leave a comment for the credit!!!!

I just LOVE these little bee's they are so cute!!!  Even though IRL (in real life) I am quite scared of bee's.  My brother almost died from being stung while I was babysitting him while we were younger.  He is VERY allergic, so is my grandmother told me he almost dies when he was a kid as well.  Needless to say they both have epi pens in case of a sting.  We do joke about it all the time so maybe I will make him a card using this set.....

My goal this week is to post to my blog 3 times.  I miss posting everyday...I want to get back to that!!!!  Wish me luck!

Off to go read my book NEW MOON (ya I am never going to get any stamping done HAHA...seriously tomorrow night is stamping night after Zain goes to bed!)

Have a wonderful day, and it is GOOD to be back!!!



Julia said...

Cute!! This is such a fun set. Love the layout you used : )

Cindy Lawrence said...

Would you believe I just barely used this set for the first time last Friday? This card is sooo flippin' CUTE! Love it on Kraft!