Thursday, February 21, 2008

Good Evening!  
or should I say Good Morning?  Thursday night I have my stamper club and I had to have 2 cards ready to go.  We have Zakary all week and everything that has been going on with the lady I take care of I just had NO time to create any projects.  Luckily for me Stampers LOVE to share their work!  I CASED 2 cards from SPS tonight and I am very happy with the way they came out!  I did changed them a bit...I am very excited to show my friends these great cards!  OKay everyone have a great day!  I am off to bed!


Cindy L said...

Hey Kylah!

I just discovered your blog today! Both of these cards are just beautiful! I'll bet your customers loved them! A very happy b'day to the birthday boy too!!


Karen Barber said...

SUCH cute cards- AND your little boy is just adorable!! :):):) Fun to surf your blog here Kylah....:) wish I knew how to add you and Lynn and others to my blog list, one of these days I'll get my son in law to show me how......blessings on you! :)